Getting Started With Nostr

Nostr is really cool and you're about to see why.

What is Nostr?

Nostr stands for “Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays.”
Nostr is a protocol that allows users to create and share posts or "notes" with others. It is decentralized, meaning there are no central servers or corporations that control the content posted by users. Instead, Nostr uses a network of relays to facilitate communication between users.
Nostr is open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to its development. That also means we can build great technology really quickly.

Get a Nostr Signer Extension

We recommend nos2x but feel free to use which ever extension you like! Once you've installed it go the extension's settings

Once you've reached the extension options page

Generate a Private Key

Add The Following Relay:
Make sure to check read and write and then hit save.

Send Metadata to Nostr

Then, go to:
to send metadata to Nostr. This is where you can give yourself a username and a cool profile picture. You can set a profile photo by pasting the link to the photo you want to use.
And now, we're ready to goooooo!