Arguflow Premium (Coming Soon)

We're optimistic and confident. A strapping young project.

Arguflow Premium

Building Arguflow thus far has been a great challenge which has paid off. We're solid developing with Nostr, app is lean, and this product viability is more than minimal.
We're working on Arguflow Premium right now. It will have more features in an even more intuitive UI. Additionally, we're centralizing it to make actions such as editing, customization, and moderation from arbiters possible.


Right now, we plan to price the premium product at $10 per user per month. We think that the ability to have premium arguments is worth at least that.

Open-Source Centralized Relayer

While our new relayer will be centralized, it will also be open source. We believe that for something as important as argiung, the software needs to be open.
That's why we chose Nostr for our slightly more than MVP and will continue to be open source.

Will-Do Features

Topic Management Features

Private Topics

Users will have the ability to make topics invite-only for both viewing and editing.

Add Users to Topic

Add Users To Topic Design
Users will be able to invite others to join them on a topic

Manage User Roles

Manage User Roles Design
The Premium app will support inviting users along the following roles:
  • administrator
  • moderator
  • contributor
  • viewer
If you really custom roles, then make sure to request it!​

Timeout and Ban Users

Timeout and Ban Users Design
Despite coordinating on values, folks can sometimes still get toxic. We'll have support for both timing out and banning users.

Card Management Features

Move Values

Sometimes we have to write things out for us to take a real look at them. If you want to move what value your initial statement should be under you can do that in Arguflow.
We aren't quite sure how we plan to handle responses further down the flow when a statement gets moved. If you have ideas, let us know!
Move Values Feature Design

Delete Statements

If you want to delete a statement, click the trash button.
Only administrators (and maybe moderators) will be able to delete statements that have responses further down the flow.
Delete Statement Feature Design

Edit Cards

You won't always get it right on your first attempt, so we plan to support editing. Only cards without responses further down the flow will be able to be edited

Discover-ability Features

Search For Public Topics

We want to provide some kind of discover-ability for public topics.
On the homepage, we'd like to feature some of the most trending topics w/ the most amount of action.
For power-users who are posting things that seem to be very high value, we'd like to feature them on the homepage.

Preset Values

Defining values is kind of hard. We'd like to bring the Value UX more inline with the warrant UX and take it further with some preset values to choose from across all topics.

Richer User-Profiles

We plan to add ways for users to link their socials, personal sites, employers, etc.


We plan to catalog things like users' most active topics, total statements, total rebuttals, etc. This will get fully fleshed out with a UI design soon.

Maybe Features

These are things we are considering doing, but haven't yet locked in. If you really want them, then let us know!

GPT judging on flows for individual statements

GPT recommendations for writing cards

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