The documentation for the Arguflow app.
Arguflow is the tool you should reach for when you have to argue. That's a strong word, with many feelings attached to it. That's why we're building this product, to make them flow.
The product as you see it today is our first iteration. It's decentralized, works asynchronously, and will serve as the platform upon which we will build out solutions for the business, education, and public sectors that rely more than ever on sound decision making.
A Large Crowd of People Gathering - DALL-E 2023
​To use Arguflow, you will need to select a topic, define values, create initial statements, develop rebuttals/counterarguments, and summarize your argument.
This process will help you structure and organize your argument, make it more persuasive, and ensure that you have considered potential counter-arguments. Arguflow makes this simple not just for individual users, but for groups communicating asynchronously.
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